Transparency of the electricity market

International transmission system operator TenneT is publishing information regarding the energy market in The Netherlands on this website herewith implementing the obligations resulting from the directive of the European Commission (Vo. 1228/2003/EG).

The aim of the directive is to provide the basis for a harmonised and transparent environment within the European electricity market. Transparency is important for a solid development of the electricity market. By creating a level playing field for the relevant parties transparency is a precondition for efficient functioning of the competitive market

The content of the website will be completed in phases. The second phase will include more detailed information regarding the production and auction results. The third phase will add information related to the transmission grid, foreign connections and (un)foreseen non-availability.

The website does not contain historical data before the 28th of May 2008. If available on other websites a link is provided to consult this data.

Geachte Energieinfo gebruiker,

Vanaf 5 januari 2015 zal het Europese Transparantie platform van ENTSO-E beschikbaar komen.
In de loop van 2015 zal op dit nationale platform Energieinfo geen nieuwe data meer beschikbaar worden gesteld. Wel blijft het nog twee jaar mogelijk om de data vanuit het verleden via Energieinfo op te vragen.

Zodra het adres van de ENTSO-E website openbaar is zullen wij u via Energieinfo daarvan ook op de hoogte stellen.

Wij vertrouwen u hiermee voldoende te hebben geïnformeerd.
TenneT TSO B.V.

Dear Energieinfo User,

As of the January 5th 2015 the European Transparency platform will be available.
In the course of 2015 TenneT will stop publishing data on the Energieinfo website.
We will be keeping the website available for downloading historical data for at least two years.

As soon as we have received information about the website address of the European Transparency Platform form ENTSO-E we will communicate this to you via Energieinfo.

We trust to have informed you sufficiently.
TenneT TSO B.V.

TenneT TSO B.V.